The future of space


Since the expansion of the suburbs in the mid-20th century, we’ve been conditioned to think that more square footage equals a higher quality of life. In partnership with the team at Ori, we challenged that narrative and re-defined what the future of space could be.

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From ROI to ROS

The core of Ori’s business is B2B, so we set about interviewing developers and architects to understand what drives their decision making. Convention suggested that the only thing that mattered was ROI (price per square foot), but we uncovered a segment of progressive forward-thinking developers for whom shaping the future of cities was just as important. They believed that spatial innovation can contribute to greater vitality, inclusion and abundance. We called this ROS (Return on Space).

Expect more with smart spaces

The idea of combining technology and robotics to make flexible space a scalable reality is still in the early stages. We needed to define to the world what category we were in. After an extensive research process, we landed on “Smart Spaces“. Having defined the category, we set about developing a robust brand positioning whereby we offered city dwellers the chance to Expect More from their space.

Movement defines us

We identified that movement is the hallmark of cities. People moving among the city’s dispersed spaces of residence, work, shopping, exercise and education. It’s also the hallmark of Ori. Shared by its people and products. Our design solution had to be in perpetual movement. We developed a system rooted in the mechanics of the products themselves. The bright palette tapping into the developers desire for high design and the lines creating interest and energy.

Never standing still

With $20 million of new funding from Sidewalk Labs and Ikea’s umbrella company, Ingka Group, Ori is moving forward with its ambitious plans to revolutionize architecture, cities and the way we live.


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