The future of families


In the surrogacy industry, there are usually two key players in every story — the intended parents, and the gestational carrier/surrogate. But, of the approximately 300 surrogacy agencies in The United States, very few prioritize the gestational carrier over the intended parents. Nodal exists to bring a new perspective to surrogacy by better serving, protecting, and prioritizing the most important resource in this journey, the gestational carriers.

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Making the gift of life accessible

One of the most important and difficult decisions of many people’s lives is whether to have children. That’s why at the core of the strategy is the mission of ensuring the gift of life can be accessible to anyone. Today, Nodal accomplishes that mission by connecting intended parents and gestational carriers that share similar values. Tomorrow, they’re democratizing the entire ART system for surrogates and donors alike.

Connecting future families together

To connect to the mission of ensuring the gift of life can be accessible to anyone, we needed a visual identity system that evokes feelings of connection, growth and humanity. The logo identity was created based on the idea of a node connecting and growing in plants, a metaphor for the surrogacy process. The color palette and secondary graphics add to the earthy, organic and warm nature of the overall identity.


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Nodal OOH Posters
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