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Made for Living

Adult incontinence is a common experience — 1 in 3 Americans experience it every day. Yet, there’s still a major stigma attached to it that forces those suffering to stay silent. We say: no more. Made for Living was created to help people living with incontinence to break free from shame and embrace the lives they want to live. Whether you're a runner, dancer, singer, TV-binger or work-from-homer, we're refusing to let incontinence get in your way.

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Life-changing products shouldn’t make you feel bad

The biggest challenge we faced in creating Made for Living was breaking through category sameness and finding a way to address not only the physical challenges that come with incontinence, but the emotional challenges as well. If you take one trip down the adult diaper aisle at your local store, you’ll immediately understand the desperate need for a brand that is different, that is fresh, and that understands what the consumer is experiencing.

Shame has no place here

Our objective was to create an incontinence brand built on both product and purpose that helps people break free from shame. This audience needs a brand that understands that life isn’t over if you experience incontinence and that you can continue doing the things you love with the help of comfortable, reliable products.

Designed for life

The best way to overcome a stigma is to take it out of the shadows and into the light — to own it. Made for Living normalizes incontinence through a bold, unashamed, and out-in-the-open expression of life and it was crucial that our design reflected that same attitude. The elevated and energetic color palette combined with expressive typefaces creates a fearless, confident and approachable brand system.

Made for Living

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