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Group Black

The average American adult spends​ 1​2+​ hours per day consuming medi​a. ​​​From Hollywood to digital platforms, the power media and entertainment companies wield over shaping perceptions, creating stereotypes, and influencing society cannot be ignored.​ If we value diversity of information, then we need diversity of ownership in the media industry, too. Group Black is a first-of-its-kind media collective and accelerator, rooted in the advancement of Black-owned media properties.

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W​here culture calls home

We were ​​invited to help define the brand strategy and its visual expression for Group Black to usher in this future. Having defined a mission to transform the face of media ownership and investment, we arrived at the idea of “Where Culture Calls Home”. This idea directly inspired the graphic metaphor: a structure with multiple perspective points that could host the incredible creators who constitute Group Black.

Changing the face of media

It was paramount that the visual system for Group Black appeals to a diverse generation looking for content that reflects who they are.​ We developed a toolkit of simple components that can be used flexibly, hold images, be reshaped, and be toned up or down according to circumstance.

Blazing trails of influence

In its first few months, Group Black raised hundreds of millions of dollars and secured partnerships with powerful industry leaders like Group M and She Media, plus a 9-figure advertising investment from Procter & Gamble.

Group Black

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