The future of finance


How could we change the future of finance so that regardless of background, every kid can grow up to be financially healthy and happy? In partnership with the Greenlight executive team, we developed a new bold and powerful mission for the business.

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Shine a light on the world of money

We proposed that Greenlight is more than a card and an application. It’s a platform that can help kids grow up to be financially healthy and happy. We recognized the direct correlation between financial security and your health and happiness and created a new mission centered around the idea that money is too important to stay in the shadows.

On a mission

As part of the purposing process, we worked with the Head of People to define a spirit for the business and a set of unifying behaviors. We arrived at the idea of “On a Mission” and galvanized the entire business around the purpose of the company and the positive change the business was founded to create.

Design that spans the ages

Greenlight encompasses parents and kids of all ages. We developed a modern and cohesive design system that could span them all, with one of its key elements being the use of milestone shapes. They reflect the financial milestones in a child’s life and represent the idea that they’re always building, changing and evolving in fun ways.

Four million strong (and growing)

Greenlight recently surpassed four million Greenlight parents and kids earlier this year and welcomes thousands of new families to its platform each day. Its customer base has more than tripled since the start of 2020.


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