The future of justice

Global Black Economic Forum

Making economic justice a reality for marginalized communities everywhere.

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Globally, Black and marginalized communities continue to experience relentless disparities in the most important measures of economic well-being, including unequal wages, inequitable job opportunities, and stilted career growth opportunities. Nobody wins in the current system.


Our purpose: to come together to usher in a dynamic and equitable future for all. We are an inclusive economy creator dedicated to elevating, advocating and making economic justice a reality for Black and marginalized communities around the world. Let’s recast our future.


Our visual system reflects the energized and provocative nature of our collective mission. Our logomark represents a sudden burst of light as we bring attention to something that cannot be ignored. Paired with our impactful and attention-grabbing color palette, this identity highlights the urgent issues at hand and illuminates a new path forward.


Partners include Essence and Group Black. Together, they work to create a world where Black voices are elevated, celebrated and compensated.

“The new brand from Dear Future creates dynamic ways to communicate the company’s mission, values, ethos, and enables our business to create real impact in the world.” — Alphonso David, CEO

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Global Black Economic Forum

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