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Better Not Younger

After spending over 25 years working in the haircare industry, Better Not Younger founder Sonsoles Gonzalez longed for a brand that spoke to her peers — women who had reached their 40’s, 50’s, and beyond, and felt more full-of-life and self-assured than ever before. Instead, Gonzalez found that most haircare brands only celebrated the young. Sonsoles approached us and asked us to help create the future of beauty with her.

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Glossier for Gen X

We worked with founder Sonsoles Gonzales to imagine a hair care brand that would be sexy and aspirational, like a Glossier for Gen X. Through a series of naming sprints we landed on Better Not Younger — a knowingly provocative brand name that epitomized the spirit of the women she was building this brand for.

More than a name

Better Not Younger is more than just the name of the brand. It’s the driving force behind it. When we interviewed hundreds of women, we kept on hearing the same thing. Women were fed up with being type-casted as people who are in decline after a certain age. Instead, they saw every day as an opportunity to be better.

Aging unlocks potential

It’s this sense of optimism that we sought to bring into the brand from a design standpoint. When we were talking with women we heard many great insights: “I don’t want beige!” or “I feel colorful and full of life”. We decided to use colorful hand-painted boxes and paint stripes to inject some attitude and fun into a category that for too long has been the preserve of the dull and boring.

Success has no age limit

Since we launched, sales have been explosive. The brand has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes and WWD amongst others. In 2019, we signed an exclusive retail partnership with Sephora and recently appeared on HSN.

Better Not Younger

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