A sensorial evolution

Building on an icon

The Challenge

First created in the 1950s, the Zest brand is a household name made famous through the advertising slogan ‘Zestfully Clean’. Unfortunately, a declining bar soap category and a lack of relevance amongst younger consumers, meant that the once iconic brand was waning.

Our Role

The Approach

The future for Zest relies on an ability to appeal to younger consumers and to innovate out of a declining category. We set about achieving this by creating a new line specifically aimed at younger consumers called ‘Zest for Life’. Clean is no longer a differentiator and we sought to reinvent the bath and shower experience with a range of sensorial products characterized by an irreverent, witty tone of voice.

The Outcome

This new line, consisting of seven shower gels and two bar soaps, was created from scratch and is now available as an exclusive at CVS.