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Tequila Enemigo

In the alcohol and spirits industry, there are thousands of “disruptive” brands to compete with. When you add in high-profile celebrity endorsements, defining a unique voice in the space can be an uphill battle. We partnered with Tequila Enemigo to define a positioning and bold, breakthrough brand that’s the enemy of ordinary.

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Driven by liquid obsession

Tequila Enemigo was born out of difference, not conformity, and a relentless focus on quality. They believe in taking a stand against style over substance. To be the enemy of this reality. The brand needed to drip with confidence, sophistication and celebration because the process and quality of the tequila was like no-other.

The most celebrated tequila

Tequila Enemigo was crafted to be savored. Combining the best tried and tested legacy tequila processes in Mexico with a modern, innovative approach, founders Max and Robin believe they have created the ultimate liquid. 32 awards, 5 of them double golds in just three years speaks for itself. Rather than simply celebrating award wins though, we wanted to think bigger and positioned this tequila as worthy of your most celebrated moments.

Elevate every celebration

Tequila Enemigo elevates every celebration, whatever it may be, and the visual brand system was designed to highlight that. Using a metallic gold and black palette for the Extra Añejo ‘00’ and a metallic silver and blue palette for Añejo Cristalino ‘89’, we elevated the brand to reflect a modern luxury that begs to be the topic of conversation at any celebration.

Only a flute will do

Some people think of champagne when they see a flute but we see celebration and believe that this is the perfect vessel for this most perfect tequila. In a sea of shot glasses and tumblers, we broke convention by introducing an unexpected accompaniment into our drinking occasion that leans into our celebrated positioning and drives distinctiveness in the category.

Tequila Enemigo

The Most Celebrated Tequila Extra Anejo Bottle Anejo Bottle 89 recipes later So smooth it deserves a flute Flute Street Poster Subway Posters Booklet cover Trifold covers Brochure spreads One pager Store banner

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