Moscow Transport

A simple system for an iconic city

Partnering for the future success of a city

The Challenge

Bring clarity, structure and simplicity to the long neglected Moscow Transport System.

Our Role

The Approach

We worked in partnership with Moscow City to rationalize and rebuild a disaggregated transport brand system that had evolved in an ad hoc way over decades. We conducted a deep audit of the existing system and once we had established a clear picture of the city’s needs, we rolled out a detailed and comprehensive program with a master logo, a set of icons and detailed application guidelines with enough flexibility to be built on in the future.

The Outcome

The final brand mark represents we called the Moscow thumbprint. It represents the three major ring roads around the city with the river through the middle, paired with a navigation pin. Our system has been implemented across the city of Moscow and enhances the daily experience of 9.9 million users every day.