The future of cities

Hydra Studios

The most precious commodities that the modern workforce have today is their energy and their time. That insight led founders Marie and Daniel to concept Hydra Studios, a space built for the in-between moments of the busy NYC lifestyle. They approached us ahead of opening their flagship location on Wall St to future-proof their brand ahead of this pivotal launch.

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Second home base

Whether you’re working, working out, commuting or traveling — we positioned the business as your second home base and designed a brand experience where everything is connected, seamless and factors in the way you actually live, move and think.

Own your day

Having identified the design target as young urban millennials that are energized and fatigued by big city living in equal measure, we uncovered the importance of control in their lives. We developed a brand idea called “Own Your Day’ with the belief that a single day is a microcosm of your life.

The art of renewal

In the design, we wanted to communicate a sense of renewal. We created a drop that worked across all touchpoints and was a metaphor for your energy levels. The inclusive and open design system and color palette delivered a modern, elevated experience.

NYC strong

Hydra Studios launched with a space in Convene and then we helped build out a standalone space that launched on Wall St in February 2020. Membership is already full and the next phase of expansion to new US cities is underway.

Hydra Studios

Studio Front Desk Hydra signage Hydra towels Hydra posters Studio Lounge Studio Interior Hydra tote bags Hydra water bottles Hydra way-finding Hydra store front

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