The future of messaging


The company formerly known as Emogi began as an online sticker business. Four years later, Founder Travis Montaque saw the opportunity to move beyond GIFs, stickers and smiley faces and reinvent messaging as we know it. He enlisted us to create a new name, identity and positioning that would position them to define the future of messaging in an entirely new way.

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From app to infinity

We were tasked with creating a scalable brand system workable from product interface through to large scale brand application that had the ability and depth to transform the conversation space, while connecting with people of all ages on a global scale. The new brand had to represent not just where messaging is today, but also where it’s headed.

Just Holler

We came up with the name Holler. It’s a verb and an action one performs when one needs something — in this case, when you are in need of content to enrich your conversation. Dynamic, responsive and contemporary – it felt perfect for the brand and what the product does. Put simply, when there is something missing in your conversation, just Holler!

Dynamic dots

In the system, the “dynamic dots” are where the magic happens. These represent the space within conversations that can be enriched, and they contract and expand accordingly. These dots appear within the messaging platforms themselves and allow the user to enrich segments of their conversation.

A billion messages a day

The rebrand has already spawned two major partnerships — integration with the world’s largest dating app Badoo and Venmo, the payment platform beloved by Millennials and Gen Z.

Since the brand launched the new name and identity in 2019, it has grown from being a part of a billion messaging conversations a month to a billion a day and in March 2020 was voted one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies by Fast Company.


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