Reimagining online conversation

Human connection beyond the emoji

The Challenge

A young startup known for creating animated stickers, had developed far loftier ambitions and dreamt of fundamentally changing online conversation. But to be taken seriously, they would  need to look like they were about more than twerking Sumos. We were asked if we could help.

Our Role

The Approach

At the outset it was agreed that Emogi (short for emotion engine) needed a new name that still felt fun, but could transcend their sticker business. Management settled on Holler, and we got to work. We decided that a dotted line created a well understood holding area: something that could be populated with letters, words, pictures and more. We also realized that a dotted line could serve as a means of highlighting words or phrases in text messages. This simple, flexible graphic device became the conceptual foundation for the entire identity system.

The Outcome

Not only did our design system translate into a more sophisticated visual identity for the brand, the concept of dotted lines has been wholeheartedly embraced by the company, who are currently integrating it into future user experiences.