Eleven Hancock

Creating a Harlem icon

Architecture as muse

The Challenge

In a sea of sameness, could we imagine an elegant yet distinctive identity for a real estate development that aspired to be a positive harbinger of things to come in Harlem.

Our Role

The Approach

We allowed the building’s unique architecture – a cantilevered inverted L shape – to inspire our design approach. The logo became a graphic embodiment of the iconic building’s silhouette, while touches of bronze foil and metallic ink across printed collateral, spoke to its materiality. The result was a restrained design program with moments of opulence, much like the building itself.

The Outcome

The best possible outcome of a branding program for a new development is strong sales. Though Eleven Hancock has only been actively on the market for a few short months, current indications are that the building will sell out within the year.