The future of sleep


Bear Mattress, a family-owned and operated mattress company based in New Jersey, was seeking a newer, fresher brand to keep up with their growing business. You see, when they launched in 2014, they were a mattress company — but they had a bigger vision. Bear turned to us for help transforming their business from a mattress company to a sleep recovery company for modern times.

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Hibernation-caliber sleep

In talking with consumers, we found that the average person deals with a lot in their daily life. From work to workouts to chasing kids and running errands, your body spends a lot of time being active. And, your body depends on a good night’s sleep to recover to perform at it’s best.

Sleep recovery for modern life

The core of Bear’s new positioning is centered on one core insight — sleep recovery is essential for making modern life work for you. Better sleep allows your body to rest, recover and get ready for what’s next in your life. Whether that’s beating your personal best or getting that home improvement project finished (finally), you can lead a fuller life when you are fully recovered.

Re-introducing Bear

The new positioning was brought to life with a modern visual identity. Drawing inspiration from both sleep and the roots of which Bear was born, we came up with a soothing color palette and a refreshed logomark. The shape of the logomark itself was inspired by the round, fluffiness of mattresses and pillows, but also a subtle nod to the beach badges you find in New Jersey, where Bear was originally created.


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