Dear Future

Thicker Fuller Hair

The Future of Haircare lies in nature

The Past
Thicker Fuller Hair has been a non-medicated solution for thin and thinning hair for over 20 years. Targeted at men, mainly over 40, the brand was in decline and felt tired and out of touch. The challenge was to make Thicker Fuller Hair relevant again. And beyond that, to grow its market.

The Future
Who doesn’t want thicker, fuller hair? It turned out, this simple question was the key to the brand’s rebirth. By targeting middle-aged men with thinning hair, TFH had neglected a massive market – research showed that women were just as eager for luscious locks!

While the innovation team set about reformulating the product line, we worked with the marketing team to reposition the brand for this new market, bringing prestige cues and a feminine touch to what had been a mass brand for men. From diminishing retailer support, this new range is now at Walmart, Target and CVS.

What we did:
Brand Innovation
Brand Strategy
Art Direction