The Future of Healthcare


Chronic health conditions represent a 3 trillion dollar problem, accounting for over 85% of healthcare costs and remaining one of the most prevalent, persistent and expensive problems to face society. Industry disruptor Helene Rutledge and Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur Justin Kamine set themselves the audacious challenge of solving this problem and launched Upgraid as the future of healthcare. A year after launch with an MVP in-market, the team enlisted us to evolve the brand and positioning ahead of its next fundraise.

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The In-betweeners

Our first focus was on defining who the design target should be. After carrying out extensive in-market research, we landed on a group of people who we termed ‘The Inbetweeners’. This group aged 38-43 are on the cusp of a health transition. Old enough to start having health concerns and young enough to affect them without pharmaceuticals.

Open to new and better experiences

More important than their age, psychographically the InBetweeners are open to new and better health approaches. When they look around at the current state of healthcare and how we approach health as a society, they see a system that is broken and won’t be able to address their needs currently and in the future. They represent the first cohort actively seeking a better way to proactively take control of their health.


The brand has been built for two audiences. A B2B and a B2C audience so we needed a flexible system that could work everywhere from an Instagram feed to a doctors office. The system is bold and bright in a category that has been complex and cluttered and we used a simple device of an upwards arrow underneath the ‘U’ which represented an upgraded version of yourself.

Made from Nature. Backed by Science.

Upgraid combines plant-based ingredients with real science. As such, we needed to develop a brand that delivered efficacy whilst feeling safe and natural. Our brand system was built around a careful marriage of the two and we twinned scientific icons with images of nature to drive our discriminator. All working to deliver the message that nature and science are teaming up to upgrade your health.


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