The Future of Travel Health


Thanks to COVID-19 vaccine rollouts in the spring of 201, travel restrictions began lifting after a year of restrictions, uncertainty, and fear. And even though travel started to become a reality again, it was far from normal which founder Joshua Rome pointed out to us, was not necessarily a bad thing. Now, more than ever people will be travelling with a heightened awareness around their health, wellness, and the necessary precautions we should be taking when we travel. That’s when the idea of Runway was born.

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Travel without compromise.

After weeks (and sometimes months) of planning, the last thing you want is for an illness to compromise your trip. That’s why at the core of the Runway brand strategy was the idea of, “travel without compromise”. Runway prepares travelers with convenient, accessible, and physician-recommended telehealth solutions that are delivered right to your door. So, you can focus on the fun, and not feeling unwell.

Worry less, explore more.

To us, the core of the idea of traveling without compromise was about worry-free exploration and spontaneity – and our new brand identity became an extension of that infectious energy. We created a dynamic system with a custom alphabet that can be used as modular tiles to create new shapes and new movement with each application – a build-your-own-adventure kind of experience.

Prepare for an adventure.

With an award-winning marketing team behind them, Runway has seen great success in the weeks following launch and have recently expanded the business to include a robust partnership offering including exclusive customer discounts and commission structures, co-branded collateral content, social media features.


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