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Honest Company

The Honest Co. was coming up to eight years old when it asked us to consider what the next ten years could look like. We developed a new brand positioning in the midst of COVID-19 that was reflective of the changes that were happening all around us. The result? Real Conscious Living.

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A Conscious Living Company

The Honest Co. had expanded into new verticals and were struggling with their identity. With verticals as varied as beauty , baby and home cleaning products, what was the Honest Co. now?
We came up with the idea of creating a category of one - not CPG, or beauty or personal care - but “A Conscious Living Company”

Living Consciously Gives Me Swag

We identified a powerful triple-pronged insight from talking with our conscious consumers:
1. Living consciously gives me swag (makes me feel good)
2. Especially when it’s something I can do everyday (easy and simple)
3. It makes me happy and shows the world that I care (social signaling) founded to create.

Real Conscious Living

In the process, we developed a new tagline for the brand. Real Conscious Living was a rallying cry against the pressure of perfection and invited people to focus on realistic small steps that they can take towards living more consciously.


In 2020, The Honest Co. enjoyed its best ever year in sales.

Honest Company

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