The Future of Personal Care

High Ridge Brands

High Ridge Brands was home to a stable of personal care brands that had once been household names. Through years of value engineering, those brands had lost their relevance and languished on the bottom shelves of mass retailers. How could we create the future of personal care once more?

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Challenging Expectations

In 2017 Patricia Lopez joined High Ridge as CEO. She brought with her a distinctive vision – to deliver extraordinary experiences to value consumers. This would require a sea change within the business. We partnered with the executive team to define a new challenger mindset for the business, articulated through the imperative of ‘Challenging Expectations’.


Today, women want to love their hairstyle without breaking their lifestyle. In partnership, we developed new innovative, award-winning products inspired by the innovative spirit of NYC that give you leading edge style at a sensible price. This line-up is now available at Walmart and Target and recently won two prestigious Allure beauty Awards.


For over 50 years, VO5 has allowed women to affordably enliven their hair. Tasked to develop an updated brand positioning and advertising campaign, we looked back to look forward and drew inspiration from the heritage of the brand, reintroducing ‘The Power of 5’, a unique and powerful differentiator for the brand.


Our discovery process revealed an opportunity to completely reinvent the product for an entirely new audience. We reimagined the brand for a younger consumer. While the formulators developed a range of stimulating, sensorial body washes, we got to work, creating a packaging system that would embody the bold new direction. The result? A range of body washes that literally shout out the product benefits in a way that feels fresh and irreverent.

Thicker Fuller Hair

Older men hoping to combat hair loss had historically been the target market for Thicker Fuller Hair. Sales were dwindling though and the brand needed to do something radical to return to growth.

Research showed that beyond the male market, women of all ages had concerns around thin and thinning hair. We took the bold step of rebuilding Thicker Fuller Hair for a new female audience, calling out the new vegan formulations and creating a softer, more feminine look.


The iconic brand of oral hygiene products made the tagline ‘For hard to reach places’ iconic and the angled head is a moment of unique innovation in this category. Since then though, the brand had invested less in innovation until 2019, when we were engaged at brand level to look at an overall future facing proposition and product innovation. We re-engineered the disparate line into a cohesive brand and in 2020, we are launching the first sustainable offerings from the brand. Proof once more that the hard to reach places are worth reaching for.

High Ridge Brands

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