Dear Future



Design centric companies outperform the market by 200%. Dear Future exists to unlock that power for brands of all shapes and sizes.


We work with scrappy startups, innovation teams and the venture community to invent tomorrow’s brands, often as a full, invested business partner. And we partner with established brands in need of a makeover or a total reinvention and help reimagine them for the future.

With our team based in New York and Auckland, New Zealand our team operates with seamless 24-hour productivity with a deep commitment to rigor in the design process, so speed and quality are never mutually exclusive or costly. 


Working with senior leadership and innovation teams, we help crack big business problems with design-led solutions.

  • Brand Audit / Health Check 

  • Brand Innovation 

  • Business Storytelling 

  • Internal Culture Change 

  • Proof of Concept Exploration 

  • Purposing

  • Trend Watching 

  • Workshops 

Design Thinking

Combining empathy, rationality and creativity, we anticipate user needs to drive future business success.

  • Brand Strategy 

  • Brand Map and Manifesto 

  • Brandworld/Moodworld 

  • Business Mapping 

  • Experience-Chain Mapping 

  • Strategic Visualization 

  • UI Design

  • UX Design

Design Doing

From full product to digital and physical environments, we prototype, iterate and test design solutions with consumers. 

  • Brand Asset Design

  • Content Creation 

  • Digital & Physical Product Design 

  • Identity Creation

  • Motion Graphics

  • Packaging Design

  • Spatial Design

  • Touchpoint Asset Creation

  • User Testing and Research