Dear Future
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Lenovo is the world’s largest PC manufacturer. They produce everything from phones and tablets, to laptops, desktops and gaming machines.

Lenovo’s core brand ID was badly dated and suffered from being hard to read. Additionally, they wanted to behave less like an engineering brand and more like an Internet brand. To be more dynamic and variable, and allow different expressions across different product ranges and markets. 

The solution was a simplified, more classical logotype that would work across platforms, offset by a containing device that allowed the logo to change, becoming serious or playful as needed. In an online environment, this animates with still or moving images. 

The containing device, allows the logo to be used more like a fashion label, bringing life and humanity to the engineering-focused company. The new brand has been embraced by Lenovo, adopted enthusiastically by their internal culture and provided a focus for internal culture change.

Lenovo Product_23.jpg
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