Dear Future

12X3 Gym

British former world middle weight champion Darren Barker and Commonwealth gold medalist Ryan Pickard teamed up to create a new innovation in boxing training. The gym concept concept is a guided training program called 12x3 because the program consists of 12 exercises for three minutes per exercise – the same format as a boxing match.

We created a brand that leverages the boxing ephemera of the 1960/70s but with a contemporary twist. The X in the logo is rendered like an hourglass, referencing the time-based system at the heart of the brand experience. 

We developed the whole brand design project including logo, graphic devices, collateral, a bespoke font, website and the physical gym itself. This project launched in June 2017.

The spatial design was created in collaboration with Marc Thorpe Design.

Studio Xoo – 12x3_10.jpg
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